can be comprised of networking several home electronic devices together as to control several devices from a single remote from inside your home. Or a home network can be more complex, which can include setting up a wireless network, installing server racks and running network cables to control virtually all of your electronic devices from either inside your home, or by accessing your network via the web while you are away. You can even access your home’s network from your mobile device or PDA. Installing a home network adds convenience, comfort and certainly helps with time management.

A home network can allow you to share documents to various computers, printers, or servers without having to download them to a CD and the upload them to a different device. A home network also allows your home entertainment system to be accessed from various rooms of a home; control the patio music from your living room; control the TV in the family room for the kids while you are busy in the study, or even roll the shades down and lower the lights in the dining room while you prepare dinner in the kitchen. It also gives you the ability to remove those unsightly wires that lay throughout your home.


In order to properly set up a home network, the proper cables must be installed so that a user can communicate with specific electronic devices throughout a home, or remotely. The ideal time to install networking cables is in the pre-construction phase of a build. However, in many cases, a home or office has already been constructed so the network cables are installed after construction has been finished. Official Solutions has expert installers capable of taking on projects that are either in pre-construction phase, in a remodel, or finished builds.

Official Solutions has deep level of knowledge in the home networking space. We have been able to create custom solutions for our clients to meet their unique requests. Believe us, we have been able to execute some very interesting requests for our clients and we are ready to put our expertise and capabilities to work for your project.

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