While flat screen LCDs or Plasma TVs usually come with a stand, ideally a flat screen TV looks much better when it’s been mounted onto the wall. The most typical problem with installing a flat screen TV on the wall however is that the power and cable outlets are usually nowhere close to where you want your TV installed. The result? Your brand new TV is mounted on the wall, but with cables hanging haphazardly to access the necessary power and cable. This usually isn’t how you want your brand new TV to be displayed.

Other issues that can arise in installing your flat screen TV can be the obtrusive size. Large flat screen TVs can be very difficult to mount properly. You certainly don’t want to drop that new TV, or mount it without it being level.


If you’d like to avoid typical TV installation issues, let our professional TV installers take care of this task for you. When we install flat screen TVs, we start by running cables down the inside of the wall you want your TV mounted on and install the power and cables outlets conveniently behind the TV. We use the proper wall mounts for the job, whether you want an articulating bracket or a standard TV wall mount, and install the TV so that is the correct height and level. Since the outlets are directly behind the TV there are no messy cables to be seen. All that is left, is a beautiful flat screen TV installed on the wall, hanging like a piece of art.

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