Official Solutions designs innovative, easy-to-use whole house audio and video solutions. We specialize in integrating audio and video solutions throughout your entire home to enhance your living experience.

Tired of having stand alone music systems in various rooms of the home? Want to hear your favorite music in your living room and your office simultaneously without having to connect your player into another system as you move throughout your home?

Keep your cabinets free of clutter by consolidating equipment to a single closet!



With a whole house audio system you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs in multiple rooms of your house simultaneously, so you no longer need large pieces of equipment in every room.

Imagine listening to your favorite music in your bathroom, bedroom and even your office at the same time, while someone else might be enjoying their favorite music in the kitchen and living room.

Touch panels allow you to easily change sources of music from your music library, to your favorite radio station, or even your television, from one or multiple access point in different rooms. Talk about taking your home entertainment to the next level!


Whole house video systems give you the ability to manage all of your favorite sources, in one or every room of your house without all of the bulky equipment.

You can start watching your movie from your living room and then finish watching it in your bedroom. Imagine storing your entire movie library on one archived system, where you can select your movie from any room. Easily select, play and pause your movie without ever having to insert a DVD into a DVD player. 


Official solutions design home audio and video systems that fit your lifestyle and budget. Our goal is to offer you the latest in technology and install easy to use home audio and video systems that maximize your enjoyment.

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We take on a variety of projects, from small installation projects, such as installing speakers and surround sound systems for a single room, to large scale multiple source, multiple zone projects.

We would love to learn what your project is and offer you a simple to use and attractive system to meet your needs. Please contact us to get started on your project to day, by either filling out our form, or by calling us.