If you are like most people, maintaining the climate in your home seems to be a constant struggle. Official Solutions, a full service home automation company, offers solutions to remedy climate control issues in the home.

Do you constantly adjust the house temperature? Did you forget to turn the A/C up while you rushed out to door to get to work? Do you want to conserve energy usage in your home?

 Our all in one solutions allow you to manage your homes atmosphere automatically or remotely via a smartphone or tablet. 


Our easy to use climate control systems throughout your home will simplify your home’s heating and cooling, which in turn provides complete comfort throughout your house.

As a bonus, these systems save on energy costs, reducing not only your utility bill, but help to lower your impact on the environment. We work with a wide range of manufacturers and offer a variety of attractive climate control touch panels and remotes which blend into your home seamlessly.


Our professional team will install your system, and then work with you to program your system so that the climate is comfortable for you. 


Be in complete control of all the windows in your home or room conveniently with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere.

Official Solutions offers top of the line premium blinds & shades in a variety of colors and styles to match your decor exactly.

Our easy to use control systems have the capability to raise and lower your blinds according to the time of day to decrease sunlight and increase savings on your electric bill!


Our goal is to provide you with a climate control system that simplifies your life, minimizes your environment impact, and all the while, helping you save on energy costs.

Contact us today to learn more about our easy to use climate control systems.